I'm Still Here

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Its been a few months of quietness around here... we moved. It took FOREVER to find a house... and then the market started getting really nuts and our small window of opportunity felt like it was all coming down on us... not to mention, I no longer have a full time job. I mean yes Paperfelt is here... but the days of getting up and rushing around and dropping the kids of at school/daycare/montessori while packing lunches and trying to blow dry my hair at the same time for a paycheck are gone. Which is both a blessing and a (tiny) curse, cuz you know, you kinda gotta pay the bills but they say things happen for a reason right?

So, we bought a house in November, its not our dream home but we will get there. The only down fall about our new home, is (the teeny tiny foyer) there's no office space, I mean there is but there isn't. So for now, I'm trying to figure out what to do so I keep lugging my laptop around and going over to my parent's house where I am currently set up, but there's no motivation to leave our new house that we are reno-ing and getting to work on Paperfelt. So I've been doing... nothing. Well, Netflixing and painting and sanding and rearranging furniture but thats about it. No sketching, no designing, no desire. Except packing orders, I pack and ship and then I go back to Netflix. Currently on Riverdale.

I'm not really sure where I lost my motivation, its not that I don't enjoy lettering or designing anymore, its just that such a long break got me thinking, this is hard! I started Paperfelt as a hobby and somehow it turned into something overwhelmingly more. I know I get to do something that I love, but life felt so blurry for a while that I just wanted to slow down for a bit and I ended up completely stopping instead. Now I feel so distant from being creative and that kinda makes me sad. Having no workspace is not helping the situation, a desk is something that has always been important to me, so I guess this is a good a time as any to start fresh. I'm embracing change, I'm sure I'll get back to where I'm supposed to be, I hope. Wish me luck!

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